One step ahead

One step ahead

Do you know that ability that moms and dads have?,

The one that makes us act instinctively to help them grow?

At Biomecanics we call it going One Step Ahead, and it is what motivates us to continue innovating in the design of respectful footwear with the natural growth of children that adapts to each stage of its development.

A Little Step Ahead is an initiative to reflect in which we also have the participation of different figures of great relevance in different areas of each evolutionary stage of children, such as child psychology, nutrition, leisure or creativity, always trying to understand the keys to parenting that provides security and confidence to little ones in their first steps.

A Little Step Ahead in Research

At Biomecanics we continue to innovate to make footwear that respects the natural growth of children and adapts to each stage of their development. We could stop doing it and just put out new models that fit the fashion trends. It would be easier, but it would not be the best: that is what the latest comparative study that analyzes the influence of footwear on the first steps of children's walking says.

The Biomechanics Institute of Valencia has compared the gait pattern of Biogateo footwear with bare feet, a Minimalist shoe and a conventional shoe.

Some of their conclusions:

Biogateo and minimalist footwear provide more flexibility than conventional footwear.

Biogateo provides more medio-lateral control in the initial contact of the heel and the support of the foot on the ground, which reduces the risk of instability.

With Biogateo and minimalist footwear, the child walks faster than barefoot.

With minimalist footwear, the length of the stride varies more than barefoot, which ends up causing instability when walking.

The highest percentage of falls occurs with minimalist footwear, falls can limit your activity and slow down your learning.