Size guide

Our products follow the usual standards, but, if you have any doubts about the size that will best adapt to your children's feet or your baby's first steps, here are the most common questions and our Size Guide. There may be slight size variations between different references, therefore Biomecanics cannot be held responsible for the results of the measurements in this table when applied to a specific article.


Do the measurements in the table apply to all the models available in the online store?

Please note that all measurements are approximate. Depending on the model, the size may vary slightly, therefore, it is possible that the chosen references may not match up to the measurements in our table exactly.

  • Canvas shoes: Their fit may be a little wider, buy your child's usual size, check the fit and if it is too big, you can exchange it free of charge by following the steps we explain HERE

  • Biohome: may have a slightly wider fit, similar to summer canvas shoes

Do I have to leave 1 cm extra when selecting the size?

  • Our sizes already allow enough room for the foot to fit correctly inside the shoe, i.e. if your little one's foot measures 10.8 cm our recommendation is size 18, if his foot measures 12.2 cm, size 20 and so on as shown in the table below

  • The Biomecanics Biogateo Line has a silhouette drawn on the insole, the foot must fit inside the silhouette when using this footwear for the first time



Recommendations for choosing the right size

  • You should not choose shoes that are too tight or too small, as this prevents them from stretching their toes, causing pain in the instep and poor foot development. They should not be too big either, as the foot will move around and cause chafing and sores as it grows.

  • Always try footwear on both feet, as there may be a difference in size from one foot to the other, as one foot grows faster than the other.

  • The child should wear socks similar to those to be worn with the shoe being tried on.



Recommended frequency for changing/checking footwear.

Given how quickly a child's foot grows, we strongly recommend checking or changing footwear according to the following table:

Child’s age (years)

Recommended frequency for changing/ checking footwear

0 – 1.5

every 2 months

1.5 – 2.5

every 3 months

2.5 - 4

every 4 months

4 - 6

every 6 months

4 - 6

every 3 - 4 months

10 - 20

highly variable, every 4 - 6 months