Fake web pages

The brands of the Garvalín Group are recognized worldwide and have a great reputation. Therefore, they are affected by fraud attempts.

Be especially careful and pay attention to those pages that have an image very similar to the official website and offer irreplaceable offers.

Our official online store offers and will continue to offer all the legal guarantees to make a safe purchase.

Grupo Garvalín regularly carries out actions with the competent authorities to block and eliminate these fraudulent web pages. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to eradicate them completely. We recommend you to be attentive to this type of web pages since they use very cheap prices, but once the purchase is made, they keep the money but the product never arrives.


  • Do not trust very low prices or discounts. They use big discounts of more than 55% or very low prices that serve as a hook.
  • There is no company data. On the pages where the privacy policy goes, the name of the company must appear. Usually this does not come. This is another indicator that the online store is fake.
  • There is no contact telephone number. They usually use an automatic form from which you will not receive a response.
  • Badly translated texts. Normally in the sections Privacy policy, legal notice, etc. they also have scarce texts that don't really say anything.
  • They do not have Social Networks. There may be social media icons but they don't link to any profile.
  • Strange domains or URLs. The web addresses of these pages usually mimic the address of the official page, but with endings such as ".online", ".ru", ".store"
  • Payment gateways. Many times it seems that they offer many secure forms of payment such as PayPal, but in reality, when you get ready to pay, they only accept a bank card and mainly a debit card, since once the payment is made it is very difficult to get it back. </ li>

These are the domains of fraudulent websites that we have detected so far with our brands:

  • zapatonino.online
  • zapatobebe.online
  • biomecanicsshop.ru
  • garvalinnino.online
  • zapatoninto.online
  • zapatonino.ru
  • zapatobebe.ru
  • bebezapatos.online
  • zapatobebe.store
  • calzadoninto.online
  • footwearbebe.online
  • calzadonina.online

If you have suffered this scam, we recommend you follow these steps:

  1. Notify your bank, it is usually advisable to block the card.
  2. Report to the Police or the Telematic Crimes Group of the Civil Guard

For this, it is good that you collect all the information you can about the online store.

Grupo Garvalín is not responsible for purchases made on false websites or for any claim related to these websites. If you have any further questions on this topic, please contact us at: info@garvalin.com or hello@garvalin.com