Purchase and payment

Purchase and payment

Making purchases is very simple, below we leave you the step by step and our advice so that you can place the order in a comfortable and simple way

Product selection

  • Browse our online store and click on the model you like best to see it in more detail
  • Select the size, color and quantity you want and click “Add to cart”
  • You can continue shopping or go to the cart to finalize your order

  • Do you have questions about the size or model?

Don't worry! Check our Guide HERE. We know that the choice of size or model is complicated, so you can buy several sizes and/or models, try on the shoes comfortably at home and return the references that do not fit the child's foot well. If you process a partial return of your order, we will manage it as a return for change without return costs.

  • Do you want to know the return and/or exchange return instructions before confirming your purchase?

Get to know the step by step HERE, we recommend you read all the info to know our process and conditions for making returns or returns for exchange. It is best to buy knowing all the processes

1ºCheck the cart

  • Check that everything is correct: model, color, size and quantity.
  • We are NOT able to make cancellations/modifications on confirmed orders.
  • Select "Checkout"

2nd Personal Data

  • Sign in, register or make your purchase as a guest
  • Check all the data: mobile phone*, email, address and CP

*IMPORTANT to indicate a contact mobile phone and check that the email you indicate is correct.

3rd Shipping Method

Choose the option you prefer

  • Pickup Point: Seur will deposit the shipment at a collection point
  • Domicile: we will deliver the order to the address provided

4th Payment

  • Card: The customer can choose payment by credit or debit card, so that the operation will be confirmed at the time the order is placed. The payment made will be transmitted to LA CAIXA bank, which is in charge of supplying the respective remote electronic payment service, without any third party having access to it. The credit card data will be entered directly on the bank's secure website, without any of this data being recorded on our servers.
  • PayPal: The customer can opt for this method of payment as long as he is a user of a PayPal account. The payment made is registered in the PayPal account, without any third party having access to it.
  • Bizum: use your mobile phone to pay for your purchase

Payment by transfer or cash on delivery is NOT accepted

Do you have a problem making the payment?

If the payment system gives you an error, don't worry! Please, if after reading our recommendations you cannot find a solution to your problem, contact us before making a new purchase attempt to avoid duplicating your orders. We will verify the status of the transaction and help you with whatever you need.

Does the bank reject payment for your purchase?

Don't worry, there are several options that can cause an error in the payment

  • In order to avoid fraud in our online store, you cannot make purchases for an amount greater than €180 in less than 24 hours. If your order exceeds this total, please split the purchase. If you have already tried to place an order with a higher amount, before making a new attempt delete the browsing history of your browser so that there is no record in the cache and the error is repeated.
  • Expiration date: check that your card does not exceed the validity date.
  • Try making the payment with another card (remember that you can pay for your purchases with a card or through Paypal)
  • Do you have a limit on your card? Ask your bank if the card has exceeded the amount allowed to make purchases.
  • Check that you have filled in all the fields correctly.

Do you have a problem when selecting the payment method?

Surely there is a specific error in the load, please try the following options

  • Delete the browsing history of the browser you are trying to order from and start the process again
  • Try making the purchase from another browser or IP
  • If you make the purchase from a mobile phone, try disconnecting it from the Wi-Fi network

Does it appear as a duplicate order and you cannot continue with the process?

If you have made several purchase attempts but have not completed any within a short period of time, it is possible that the system has registered the IP and is blocking the process.

  • Delete the browsing history of the device you are trying to order from and start the process again
  • Allow 24h to place your order again

Do you have the charge in mind but you have not received confirmation of the order?

It is possible that something has gone wrong in the data transmission

  • Confirm with your bank that the payment has been charged
  • Check spam or junk mail that you have not received order confirmation
  • Write an email to hello@biomecanics.com attaching proof of payment, name, surname and registration email

The prices on this website are shown in euros, and the corresponding taxes and excise duties are applicable according to current legislation. This contract is perfected and binds the parties in terms of the obligation to deliver the good by the seller and the payment of the price established by the buyer from the moment of its acceptance by the latter (that is, the placing of the order). The full payment of the price of the products, which appears in the corresponding file of each one of them, will be made through the indicated forms

IMPORTANT: We cannot guarantee the cancellation or modification of your confirmed purchases, so it is very important to review all the data and the selection of products before making the payment.