It is best to grow safely.

During the gait evolution stage, the child's physical activity increases. Bioevolution is a shoe capable of withstanding intensive use and providing great freedom of movement.

What is the evolutionary last of Bioevolution?

A last that, in addition to changing size, it changes shape for each size.

Its looseness of toe and instep allows the correct growth of feet and fingers.

Maturation and perfection of the march: walk, run and jump.

Size 24

Size 34

  • Made of natural materials free of chrome and nickel.
  • Maximum breathability.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  • Removable antibacterial flat insole
  • Soft stabilizer, frees the ankle and protects the foot
  • Braking zone
  • Rear shooter
  • Comfortable interior with flattened seams
  • Thermal comfort, micro-perforated leather lining
  • Natural materials
  • Reinforced toe
  • Flex zone

Approximately how often do they change size?

< 15 months
1 size each
4 months
15 to 24 months
1 size each
6 months
24 to 36 months
1 size each
8 months

Did you know that the growth of their feet is irregular?

Each size requires a last

Foot growth is rapid but not constant

One in three children has deformities due to inappropriate footwear

It suits:

Remove the insole to ventilate the shoe.

Inheriting footwear is not recommended for foot development.

Our clients say

“When you try this shoe, you won't want any other. You will see that they walk much more safely. They feel comfortable. My son has always used them and he is already three years old. ”

Experts reviews:


As the child grows, his foot changes shape. The last must adapt and leave space so that the foot does not feel imprisoned and has freedom of movement at all times.