BOOTIES 221241-A

BOOTIES 221241-A

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BOOTIES 221241-A

Developed along with the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia

Footwear that is ERGONOMIC and RESPECTFUL of their feet at each stage of development. We create footwear capable of withstanding intensive use, providing great freedom of movement

SOFT and FLEXIBLE. So they can take their steps confidently!

WATER RESISTANT, our XTREM line, the first ever includes the water resistant TEX membrane, to keep de feet SAFE and WARM!

Bioevolution's evolutionary last, change shape for each shoe size.

Its broad toe and instep allow correct growth of the foot and toes.

FLAT INSOLE, REMOVABLE and BREATHABLE to prevent the formation of fungi and bacteria.

BioLining micro-perforated LINING: SUSTAINABLE and even more DURABLE. Free of agents harmful to health. Our INNOVATIVE BioLining system made up of MICROFIBRES with a leather-like feel does not fade and favours EVAPORATION within the shoe. THERMOREGULATING EFFECT for dry and healthy feet!

We collaborate with the Spanish Paediatric Nursing Association.


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Removable antibacterial insole



Evolutionary last

Nickel free

No chrome

Squishy stabilizer

Very light


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